Sunday, July 29, 2007

Abby Grad '87..

Heres a tricky one i shot for one of my lovely cousins, Allison... Abby Senior 20th Grad re-union. Gave it a shot in the Lobby of Centre Ice... Didnt work out too bad due to lack of light....anyways here are two of the best. Feel free to download them guys. See which dot is you...hahahah. Its sized for 8x10. Those who want it printed with good quality can use this program, Fotowire, and it will be printed at Lens & Shutter Cameras in the Sevenoaks Shopping Centre.
To Download the image to your computer please click on the image you would like then in the new window that it creates please right click the mouse and "Save Image". Select somewhere easy to download it to such as "your Desktop" then you have the large image on your computer and you can save it to a CD and get it printed or you can use the affore mentioned Fotowire Program. I hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wedding: Mike & Wanda

Heres our lucky 07.07.07 couple. Luck would have it that it didnt rain and was also not scorching hot. The couple did the deed on a beautiful private residence near my old haunt way out in Bradner.... The grounds were delightful and so were Mike & Wanda along with their entourage. They also managed to scare off most of the Mosquitos for this one!!! Phew.

Camping at Green Lake!!

Lucy and Grandpa having snacks at the beach...

Lucy and Grandpa having a water fight...

Leslie and Ellie. Ellie was a bit unsure about the water...

Ellie even more unsure about the dingy (or the ding as Lucy called it)

It was a hard day for Ellie....

Lucy's new favorite game, baseball. She is really good at the hitting the ball.

We even managed to get Lucy to go on the swings (she hates swings)

And here we were, the last day at the beach.

Lucy went camping with Grandma and Grandpa to Green Lake near 70 Mile House. She went all by herself for a couple of days, then Mommy and Ellie joined her for the weekend. Duncan, unfortunatly had to work, so we went without him. But he can come the next time!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wedding: Chris & Tonya

We ventured up the the wonderful Heritage Valley to shoot this one. Despite the "biting" conditions the bridal party was fun and they all gave us a little dance upon there entrance to the dinner. Congrats Chris & Tonya.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mild Weather??

OK... so today it even HOTTER.. the thermometer tells no lies!!!!!!! Fortunate to have a AC unit right now....... very fortunate.YUCK!
This image shows the inside being a balmy 29.4 and the outside a crazy 35.8. Our cool bubble thermometer sadly has no more bubbles to drop. That one gave up at 26 degrees

Out on our lovely deck is this thermometer........ 40 degrees...

Rather mild for this time of the year! And tomorrow is going to be warmer???? pft!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's Me!

A rare occasion thatI happen to be the other side of the camera... A friend of mine came round to visit and after shooting him for a little bit I decided he should attempt to take some of me... Well I'm not the best model in the world but i think he got a couple good ones... after some creating editing...hahahahhaa

Heres a few i got of him.....


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