Thursday, April 19, 2012

APAC: Photoclub submissions, April 2012:dltphoto

So this month I got my submission right!! The image below is the one that never made it! Actually to bad it did make it since the Judge ripped it to shreds, something to do with change my angle, get lower, use a macro lens, crop the light from the top, blah blah blah.... wah wah wah was all I heard!
"frozen and leaning" score 7
Just when you thought the night couldn't get any worse he hands me a 6... I think it was the lowest score all night. Pft... whatever, once again he slammed it into the ground, something to do with the mountains needing to be in focus and the tree on the left to distracting..... blah blah blah. Maybe next time I will just submit some non-discript, plain boring shot that conforms to the Capa rules... Actually I have noticed that those whom use PHOTOSHOP a lot seem to do very well, maybe the judges have now gotten used to seeing edited or over edited images rather than the nice capture out of the camera, as they would have seen back in the good old film days... Challenge accepted!
 Like I have said on previous posts I really don't care what the judges do or don't like, I would like them to expand their horizons to see past the rules which as I have learned in my years, need to be broken.
My images certainly arent the best in the world, I am not blowing my own trumpet, creatively I think I have good content, with a solid composition and good technical merit.
Yes I have a little high-lighted areas Mr Judge, after all I did use my phone for these images. Its much easier from a real camera, I am enjoying pushing myself from a camera which is far less capable. That makes it much harder. Much more FUN.
"over the hills and far away" score 6
My final submission was the Assigned topic "from ground level". I chose a cute little wedding couple shoot I did for Offload Studios, to show how small they were I chose to do a diptych, which I imagine I was punished for.. I scored a combined 22 out of 30!
"the bride and groom" score 22


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