Monday, June 25, 2012

Pal M4: dltphoto

Another treasure that I have recently inherited from the UK is the Pal M4, back in its day it was the worlds smallest full-size 35mm camera. As compared to the the Voitlander it is a little smaller, but with this treasure I have another component.

So as stories go, this one started off well. Having been in my Dads camera box for eons, it has since been given to me. Figuring its not just a shelf piece and everything seemed to fire I decided to put a roll through it to see if it really was all still operational. So we went on a little visit to Seattle and around Abbotsford and I shot the roll though. I sent it off during the vacation with great anticipation to check the roll, when pickup time came the roll was not there... Eeeeek! I waited impatiently for another week but alas all seemed doomed. So I decided to give it one more roll and the camera trigger decide to give up. After some encouragement and a "technical tap" in several directions it freed up and decided to work again. Then by some stroke of fortune I found the missing roll...Joy of all joys...So now I have a working camera and the first roll through it in maybe 20 years.... or maybe more!!

enough now, here are the results.

Yellow, Yellow and yellow

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wedding: June 2012: dltphoto

The nice thing with not being the lead photographer at a wedding is that you can just be yourself, and shoot more random things. You don't have the pressures of being "the man". I quite enjoyed my little assisting time with Mr Jason Beattie the other day!
I even dabbled with different formats, such as my Sigma DP1s, 35mm Film ( Nikon F100) and the Nikon D200..!

Lets start with the Sigma...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

APAC: Photoclub Submissions, June 2012:dltphoto

This months submissions caught me a little off balance, since I was enjoying some well earned vacation time with my family and I quickly grabbed three images in the folder of potential images for submission!

First up was the assigned topic, "my Community Landmark".

Since Abbotsford is fairly spread out I thought I would try a landmark which is always a landmark. Every now and again, these little crosses show up in a farmers field for everyone to see. It relates to someone's opinion regarding abortions etc of which I have no opinion, that's not what this post is about!

Anyways, this is a shot right out of Insta.gram (phone App)!!!! even still had the border on it. It scored a 22 which was right in the ball park, at least I chose an image for MY community and not some other community far far away, after all the challenge was "My Community Landmark"

Crossing the Field, (Score 22)

 Next up was an image from my "stigma" from Green Lake last summer. It was one of the few Sunsets I got during that holiday which worked out, the detail was really nice with the "pink wheat" in the foreground. Minimal editing done really, just converted it from the weird Sigma Raw.. This scored a surprising 8, of which being the top score of a Level 1 Rookie, meant I had to speak about it. Nothing to say really.

Sunset at Green Lake, (score 8)
 The final submission which a Fog shot from December I think, this one also happened to be from my Phone, didnt really mean to add another phone shot this time, I just grabbed the image that I saw first. Once again it scored a very pleasing  8 and I gave a quick talk about it, although I didn't mention that it was from my phone... duh!
Powering the Fog, (score 8)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Voitlander Vito BL: dltphoto

So my photography enthusiasm came from somewhere, we all have a story. I originally assumed I walked into it  due to interests in Art etc... at school/college and that my eldest brother bought me my first REAL camera, but alas I have become the person from whom  helped create me. We all have someone important at sometime we lose from our lives, some are lucky enough to have a full life time with them. Others, like my family, aren't quite so fortunate to grow old with and share our successes. I am extremely grateful for all my years with my father. He was my rock, my mentor and apparently my muse.
Today, I am lucky enough to have some of his belongings, things which some people inherit and really have no use for then discard, since they are valueless and useless to them. For me these items are the building block for how my biggest interest began, his cameras!
Since I really share these glory pieces with my brothers they realise the only person whom can really use them is me. An honour which I gladly accept.
Initially I was assuming they would wonder into the camera vault section of my mothers museum back in the UK, but instead they were not scheduled pieces for that. Hoorah for me.
Thanks to a recent visit from eldest brother I now have two of  Dads, more well-used 35mm cameras. Classics!

First up for testing to check that they still work is the Voitlander Vito BL. Originally marketed sometime around the mid 1950's. This particular model did have the benefit of a metering system for more accurate exposure, alas this is no longer functioning but that is a minor issue, since I have other more modern cameras with light meters I can use for reference.
Having had so many years experience with film cameras in different light situations I feel I am fairly confident with judging exposure close enough for the forgivingness ( if that's really a word) of film. Basically un-like an SLR or DSLR, you have to focus by distance only, you can look through the viewfinder but the focus wont change, you have to rely on your sense of distance.... (eeek. no auto focus. hahahah)
Enough with the boring chit chat, how about some images!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Favourite Photo Backlog, March, April and May 2012:dltphoto

Ack... its been a busy few months, honest!
Here are March, April and May's, "my Favourite Photo".

March, 2012
 I just love the busyness of this shot, the snow coming down in March... MARCH, with the tree bloom wanting to sneak though. Nikon D200 w/70-200 2.8vr

April, 2012
 This was from a typical April, sunny and warm for brief periods! Nikon D200 w/70-200 2.8vr

May, 2012
This was from a little photo escapade I went on with Mr Koopmans. We got a decent half days shooting done in and around the Maple Ridge area before it began to rain. This was a little wooden box that caught my eye. I loved the textures! Nikon D200 w/ 60mm 2.8 macro

I'll try not to forget the next  "my favourite shot" of the month post.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Holiday Time= Shooting Time:dltphoto

Cotton, not Snow

Othello Tunnels, BC

Seattle, Downtown

Grey and Blue

Ground view to the Market

Othello Tunnels and Museum Of Anthropology


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