Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shopping with Ellie

Today's uneventful Save-On shopping trip with Ellie and my little Fuji Camera!! All used without Flash on there EXR mode... and none of them edited at all, except to add the logo on!!!!  Not bad really.. for a little compact!!! and i am not talking about the little compact shopper!

Friday, September 18, 2009

is it the Best Buy??

New Best Buy "Open Now"! Actually they are not. SIGN Failure! As the little hand written note on the door says... "Sorry for the inconvenience we are not actually open yet".

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Blog: Duncan Turner

Duncan Turner
I have now added a 2nd PhotoBlog to my Arsenal ( go Arsenal heheheh). It features scenic and artsy photos that are sadly wasting space on my computer or on Negative hiding in my Cupboard. So rather than waste these images, that I consider beautiful, I have decided to start posting them so others can hopefully enjoy and if anyone wants to Buy one then thats even better!!! I can print and mount in multiple formats or the Digital image can be provided for Commercial applications!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fuji Finepix F200 EXR Review: Lens and Shutter

Here are some Random shots from my new Fuji Finepix F200 EXR camera. Possibly the best Point & Shoot style camera I have seen to date and now with more EXR models coming Fuji is going to be quite successful.... Here are some shots from my camera!

Using the DR mode i was able to catch tremendous Dynamic Range... the Sun is directly behind Lucy making here face and body in shade.. see how it captured wonderful detail!!!
A self portrait with Lucy....on the Auto EXR mode.
Mr Beattie's cat, "Jasper". Such fine detail on the fur. Sorry these low rez images dont let you see what i see!!

A sweet shot at a recent wedding!!
Walking through Willband Creek! Impressive wide angle for creativity

High Dynamic range

An Interesting skyline....

So overall this Camera has tremendous features for a little compact. My highlights are the quick response time, the ease of use in the EXR Auto mode and the nifty 5x optical zoom (28mm-140mm) starting at the creative wide angle end! Also i havent tapped into the HD stills yet.. still i have so much to explore with it... It has a surprising amounts of features!!! I imagine most wont get into the different metering systems and custom white balances but i have touched on them and when used correctly can improve ones images greatly... All these images on this review were unedited, shot mostly on the Auto EXR, but only resized for my blog and my logo added of course!!!

It fell out!!!

Well Lucy's 1st tooth came out.. after much playing with and complaining about. She finally was able to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy! It was terribly small so I attempted to use Leslie's Little Camera as a size reference! Congrats Lucy and if you run into her I am sure the first thing she will show you will be the gap she has now!


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