Saturday, September 12, 2015

Moving Slowly : dltphoto

Clearly I need to be whacked with the tardiness stick. My lack of interest of sitting at the computer for hours on end has resulted in an utter lack of posts. I have many images to post but since my new career change doesn't really have any bearing on photography anymore my urgency to post my strange images seems less important now. Its kind of hard to explain but I need to get back to my posting ways. All 3 of my followers are probably missing me.

So as not to rush into 100's of boring posts with images I'll start light and hopefully gain momentum and post more in depth thoughts in the future..

 Ill start with this little guy... just chilling at Green Lake covered in the weird foam created by the wind forced ripples on a sunny day. Shot with the brilliant little Olympus  TG-850. No editing needed but just a little cropping.

The Thompson River, BC

Sunset at Green Lake, BC (Olympus Dramatic Tone Filter) because I've  never used THAT before...

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